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SAVENDA provides transportation and logistics solutions to its sister company in Burundi as well as Government Ministries. The Company manages cement exports to Burundi on behalf of its sister company in that country.


SAVENDA has transported and distributed in the past for the beverage companies, Worldbank, USAID, UN, Project Concern, NGOs, International Organisation for Migration (IOM). The landmark project is airlifting of Angolan refugees via a chartered services at cost of excess US$1,200,000.


SAVENDA has also provided management services to the Government in the case of distribution of school materials such as desks and other educational material.





Product & Services 

Air Charter Services

At Savenda Logistics our mission is simple: To provide our customers with outstanding service, unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled value.

Founded in Zambia, we are now globally recognised as one of the leading names in aircraft chartering. Our continued year on year growth has meant our revenue now exceeds $2 million per year and arrange over all charter contracts annually, many of which consist of multiple sectors.

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive service available - maintaining an aircraft database and managing up to the minute information of the movements and availability of our aircrafts. Through our long established contacts in the industry we are able to obtain data on airports, current fuel prices, latest legislation and routings, to offer the very best charter solutions on the market.

Marine / Sea Transport

If you require xanthates, dithiophosphates,

thionocarbamates, xanthogen formates, xanthic

esters, aliphatic alcohols, glycols, glycol ethers,

depressants (Nokes, NaSH, organic and inorganic),

anti-scalants and flocculants for the mining, alumina 

and water treatment sectors, then look no further.

Road Transportation

Our National and Regional haulage services range from on the spot, timed or booked consignments, urgent or non urgent consignments, and we also offer container carrying services. Products carried include; construction materials, machinery, engineering parts, electrical equipment, aluminium, copper, plastics, cardboard and packaging materials, timber, joinery products, DIY goods, pet products, cosmetics, soft drinks, the list is endless.


























IRCA Savenda SingingAir Charter Service

IRCA Savenda SingingRoad Transport

IRCA Savenda SingingSea / Marine Transportation


At Savenda Logistics we have the right equipment and methods on transporting anything that might require our services and we guarantee you safety in whatever you might need transported.



Easy to startSavenda is your company when it comes to construction supplies & civil construction of roads, schools, private homes, offices,  as well as full landscaping.



Easy to startWe can provide you with the transportation and logistics services for your goods from the suppliers to distributing them to their designate places around the world.



CorporateSAVENDA is HUAWEI’s appointed agent for supply of mobile telephone spares for the mobile backbone site infrastructure.




CorporateSAVENDA is HUAWEI’s appointed agent for supply of mobile telephone spares for the mobile backbone site infrastructure.



Docs / SupportWe have all the medical equipment supplies that you might need & if you are a retailer, we are the right people to transport & distribute equipment for you.



Savenda MiningIn the mining sector, the Company provides a whole range of services from supplies to contract servicing to key mining companies.


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